Welcome :D

Heya! :D
My name is Alex Leviathan! i'm 16 years old, I am Mexican Non-binary i use They/It + Any pronouns and I am a fanartist!

About Me!

My DMs are always open for anything!
Collaborations and Art Trades always open!
Requests only for friends
I like frogs, bunnies, guinea pigs, cats, dogs and cows :D
My birthday is on October 20th!
My favorite colors are pink, green, blue, yellow, orange, all of them in pastel tones!
I like to draw characters from my favorite series :D
I'm on the fandoms:
The Owl House
My little pony
She-ra And The Princesses Of Power
The Ghost And Molly McGee
Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
Inside Job
Steven Universe
Golpea Duro Hara
O.K.K.O. Let's Be Heroes
And BTS!
Y ahora una mención a mis mutis favs <3
Toto, Hope, Keith, Lechuga, Ash, Homu, Michi, Rosy/Chris, Mariana, Sash, Leo, Lux, Laz, Leggy, Alets, Khalid, Sun y Ktas, se les quiere mucho 💕✨

Do not interact if you do not respect the different gender identities
Do not interact if you do not respect pronouns
Do not interact if you do not respect neo pronouns or xenogenders
Do not interact if you make fun of the physical appearance of others
Do not interact if u use the terms:
Waifu, Loli, Traps, Heterophobic, Blackwashing
do not see me as a man or a woman that I am neither of them
Please do not require me to interact, I have social anxiety and it is difficult for me, I can be distant but that does not mean that i like you less or i hate you <3
Pls don't spam likes :(
Please respect my pronouns
If you are over 18, please do not interact with me directly If I don't interact first, unless you wanted to buy one of my commissions!
Please don't compare my art or my OCs
Don't ask me about posting drawings
Please do not ask me for art requests, i only do it to my friends or when i ask for that
I take between 4 to 10 hours with my drawings, please remember it before commenting.
👉✨You can use my drawings as a profile picture, banner on any social media or put them in edits just ask me first and add the credits!✨👈


You can find me here too!